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How the Combination of Message, Video, and Phone Will Reshape the Future of Working from Home

How are successful accounting firms streamlining the number of tools they use to work more efficiently from home? Download this complimentary eBook to find out!

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Are you using one tool for video conferencing, another tool for texting and messaging, another for file sharing, and so on?

Do you want to be able to take client calls from your personal phone without exposing your personal phone number?

Are you tracking your billable hours as efficiently as you could be?

Believe it or not, all of these can be achieved by the simple act of choosing more versatile apps and technology. In this eBook, we'll look at how accounting firms are adopting technology to keep up with client demands -- and your new working styles.

You'll learn:

  • How accounting firms are getting comfortable with working from home (WFH)
  • WFH 1.0 vs WFH 2.0 --what's changed?
  • The core components of a successful WFH culture
  • How successful accountants are preparing for the future of remote work