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The Complete Guide to PEOs

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The PEO industry has been around for 30+ years. PEOs operate in every state and provide services to more than 2.5 million people. There are more than 700 PEOs nationwide. During your research, you may have heard PEO services referred to as co-employment, business process outsourcing, or HR outsourcing. However, PEOs can best be summed up with this definition from NAPEO: (National Association of Professional Employer Organizations)

“PEOs enable clients to cost-effectively outsource the management of human resources, employee benefits, payroll and workers’ compensation.”

Download our 6-page Guide and learn:

  • What PEOs can and can't do for you
  • The benefits of outsourcing HR
  • The industries and types of professionals who benefit from PEO services
  • BONUS! 2-Step Checklist to assist in selecting a PEO